Rainy season, are you prepared?

Here Comes The Rainy Season, Are You Prepared?

Hold onto your hats! It is just about time to farewell the long, idyllic days full of sunshine and say hello to the rainy season.

But just because the rain is coming, it doesn’t mean you and the kids have to say goodbye to enjoying the great outdoors. In fact, playing outside in the rain can be just as much fun as playing in the sun!

There is no need to keep children held captive indoors on rainy days. There is plenty of fun to be had during the changing seasons. With a bit of preparation, your kids can get all the benefits of fresh air and exploration while staying warm and dry.

You can always count on the team here at Little Ducks to have you covered when it comes to rain. Both literally with our amazing wet weather gear, and figuratively with some great rainy play ideas, and suggestions for preparing for the colder, wetter months.

Here we go…

Pack The Right Gear For Preschool

Preschool embodies outdoor play and learning by getting messy. So you want to make sure your little one is prepared for cold or rain when they head off for preschool. While you don’t want their backpacks to be overloaded, there are a few essentials to squeeze in.

  • Raincoat – easy to roll up, a good quality raincoat is a wet weather essential and we have the perfect selection in our store.
  • Warm clothing – make sure you have something warm for your child to pop on under a raincoat. Little Ducks’ Puffer Vest-Body Warmer is ideal. It is toasty warm without being bulky, and small enough to tuck into a bag.
  • Quick-dry towel – put a small travel towel in for quick and easy dry-off.
  • Extra clothes – pack a spare set of clothes inside a resealable plastic bag for emergencies.
  • Waterproof bags – handy for stashing wet raincoats, clothes or other bits and pieces, or keeping essential items dry. Opt for reusable drybags to be a friend to the environment.
  • Reflective items – For dark and grey days, ensure that raincoats or clothing are brightly coloured or reflective to keep little ones safe if they venture near roads or parking areas.

Choose The Right Raincoat

To truly keep out the damp and wetness of a rainy day, you need to equip your kids with the right raincoats! Showerproof fabrics are not up to the task. You need a decent waterproof material to do a good job. This means a waterproof coating of at least 2000mm, welded seams, and storm flaps over the zipper, just like the ones offered by Little Ducks.

If you want added protection, so kids can do all the puddle jumping they desire, pair a good waterproof coat or jacket with waterproof overalls for double protection!

Rainy Day Play Ideas

Now that you have the gear sorted, it is time to organise some fun activities. Try some of these rainy day activities…

  • Go worm hunting
  • Be a scientist and study the rain; make a rain gauge using a ruler taped to a glass
  • Jump in puddles
  • Use a rubbish bin lid or plastic bag to slide down wet hills
  • Make mud pies or sand castles
  • Race sticks or boats down streams
  • Go on safari in search of wet weather animals or their tracks (ducks, frogs, etc.)
  • Get the bath toys outside to play in puddles
  • Bring the washable markers out and make art
  • What about pots and pans outside, to make rain music

Studies show that most children don’t get enough physical activity every day. Rather than an excuse to stay inside in front of the tv, use the rainy weather as inspiration to head out and explore the great outdoors!

Just make sure you dress for the occasion with the right wet weather gear. And Little Ducks has the perfect selection to keep your little one toasty warm and dry this rainy season!