Kids on farm

Making Fun On The Farm For Kids

We are all about encouraging kids to ditch the couch and head out to explore the great outdoors. And what better way to get active, connect with nature, learn, and explore than to get your kids out on a farm.

There are so many opportunities for hands-on learning – from interacting with animals to getting little hands dirty in the garden.

Perhaps you live on a farm with little ones or have friends and family who will let you and the kids come and spend some time helping out. Whatever the case, we can help you choose suitable jobs for preschoolers around the farm, give you some safety advice, and share tips on how to dress them for the occasion.

Let’s make some fun on the farm for kids!

How To Make Fun On The Farm For Kids

Farm Jobs For Toddlers

Ah, that magical age when your kids desperately want to be like “grown-ups” and help Mum and Dad out. Long may it last! Although you may be busy, do try to encourage their eagerness to learn and help – even if the help is more of a hindrance!

Finding little jobs that the kids can do around the farm helps them develop all sorts of life skills – from critical thinking and coordination to empathy and discipline. Most of these jobs will need to be supervised for safety in the often hazardous farm environment, but you can take a small step back and watch from a distance in some cases.

  • Egg treasure hunt – kids love treasure hunts and will savor the excitement of seeking out freshly laid chicken eggs every day and carefully bringing them home. It’s an excellent opportunity for them to learn about life cycles and nature, as well as appreciate where our food comes from!
  • Gardening – whether you want them to or not, your kids will find a way to get dirty. Why not turn those skills to your benefit! Get them helping out with the gardening. Give them some child-safe tools and a patch of garden to get stuck into. As they get older, they will be able to do more and may develop a love of their own for horticulture.
  • Feeding animals – bring your preschooler along on the daily feeding routines. Make them responsible for taking care of the chickens, a rabbit, a cat, or other small critters. Just be a little more cautious around larger animals. It is never too early to start teaching children how to behave around livestock, but they should always be supervised.


Safety On The Farm

If you live on a farm yourself, you will probably already know that children who live on farms have a higher risk of severe injury or death. But this might not be so obvious if you are a farm visitor! Always be aware of the hazards in the environment. Supervise small children at all times, and be particularly aware of the following dangers:

  • Farm vehicles and machinery (tractors, trucks, quad bikes etc. – can be irresistible for little kids, so ensure they are kept well away from these.
  • Waterways, ponds, troughs etc.
  • Chemicals such as fertilisers, insecticides etc. – store out of reach of children, in clearly labelled containers.
  • Tools and equipment – always put them away after use, somewhere out of reach is best
  • Animals – even for children accustomed to being around farm animals such as horses, cows, goats, and sheep, accidents can happen. Provide supervised interaction only.
  • Environmental hazards – swampy areas, steep terrain, forest or bushland.


Dress For Farm Success

Farms are the BEST places to get dirty. Puddles, mud, hay, leaves, dirt, crawling in the grass – it all adds up to bliss for an adventurous toddler!

To avoid tonnes of laundry every day, pop them into some mess-friendly clothing when they head into the great outdoors. Old, well loved clothes are best to start with! Then, add an extra protective outer layer for good measure!

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